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The Works

This is your Time!

Incorporating all of my disciplines into a session that meets you where you are at that moment.   In these sessions I incorporate private one on one Yoga or Broga┬« , essential oil application as well as Thai Bodywork.      Minimum session is 2 hours.    

Thai Bodywork

Lazy Man's Yoga

Thai Bodywork is performed on a cushion mat on the floor with bolsters.  I guide your body into Yoga Postures applying pressure with my feet, hands and elbows.  It is a wonderful way to open up the body and release tension and are customized to the individual.

Relax & Recharge w/Chuck

Available At Both Studios or In-Home.  Contact me to reserve time. 

Relax & Recharge

Healing Treatment

Reiki & Aroma-Touch.

A  combination of Reiki and An Essential Oil Application called Aroma-Touch developed by Dr. David Hill provides a unique healing treatment.   8 essential oils are applied to the back and feet to reduce stress, boost immune functions, and to act as anti-inflammatory to reduce pain and bring homeostasis ( balance) to the body. I am attuned as Reiki Master.

Approx.  60 Minutes